The veteran guitar legend- Joe Satriani has recently released the new track- Headrush from his 16th studio album What Happens Next.

What happens Next, a powerful high-energy album takes the legendary guitarists’ skills to an new level.The 12 track album is a result of Satriani’s hunt for new sounds and textures never heard before, using an instrument that he has undoubtedly mastered over his three decades’ solo career. The album features an electrifying trio between Satriani on guitar, former Deep Purple and Black Country Communion member Glan Hughes on bass and Red Hot Chilli Pepper drummer Chad Smith. The album is set to a 11 January, 2018 release. 

The album includes the following tracks, three of them: Thunder High on Mountain,Cherry Blossoms and more recently Headrush are already in action.

1 . Energy
2. Catbot
3. Thunder High On The Mountain
4. Cherry Blossoms
5. Righteous
6. Smooth Soul
7. Headrush
8. Looper
9. What Happens Next
10. Super Funky Badass
11. Invisible
12. Forever And Ever