These days making cover songs have made out for instance in Nepali youths. The standard of the cover songs relies on various sections like vocalist and melodic systems.

Songs Covers give a new rhythm and taste to songs. Covers are maps, a road-map, or a journey to self-discovery for most of the artists. Nobody jumps into their own songs right from the beginning. They stick to songs that are already out there. And after thousands of such songs, and years of practice, an artist is born, who then sings his own songs. So covers do cover most of an artist’s journey.

Here is the beautiful cover song of ‘Ghamailo Ramailo Koshi Tiraima’ by Manish Khadka and Eleena Chauhan. The original song was from the movie ‘Aashirbad’ and the original singers were Ram Krishna Dhakal and Deepa Jha. Watch the video below: