Deepak Bajracharya has been working on his new music video which will be arrived soon. Deepak Bajracharya is one of the celebrated Nepali singer and lyricist from Kathmandu, Nepal. Though he has sung a few songs till date, he is a standout amongst the most financially effective vocalists in Nepal. His vocation in the music industry started with the arrival of his first album in 2047 B.S. with his previous band “Lituluns” and “Chodi Gayo Priye” was the first song he recorded authoritatively.

He used to sing a considerable measure of rock songs in those days and didn’t have any Nepali music. He needed to sing no less than 5 songs in a show so he used to blend Nepali words with English songs and that was the way he concocted one of his hits “Kali”. He began getting a great deal of solicitations from foreign nations after he turned into a popular artist in Nepal. He’s performed in more than 30 times abroad and in the majority of the 14 states of Nepal till date.

Here are some of the photos of Deepak working for his new music video. Have a look.