After a successful tour around different cities of the country, Tumbleweeed Inc. are back with their new album ‘Anyol’. The album was launched at Purple Haze this 25th of November, 2017.

Tumbleweed Inc., the brainchild of Sarad Shrestha (former The Axe guitarist),although a relatively new start,with their objective to make music to meet the need of Rap Metal/funk enthusiasts by churning out melodies with the aggression and the soul of modern music, are already having a good impact on their audiences and in the industry as a whole. The album launch concert organized at Purple Haze Rock Bar was jam packed with audiences. Bands like Electric Air, Screaming Marionette and Ka! Zuki JJ opened the event that was hosted by Abhisek S Misra (ASM). A majestic, impressively decorated stage; those bright hypnotic lighting and above all some awesome music played by really talented musicians created a jolly atmosphere that everyone seemed to adore. 

After the unfortunate betrayal from the sponsors, Tumbleweed Inc. carried out the whole event by themselves. First of all, Electric Air gave their performance, followed by Screaming Marionette, Ka! Zuki JJ and finally, it all came to Tumbleweed Inc. 

Electric Air:
Electric Air (Nepali band) formed in January 2014 consists of Suman Dhun Shrestha, Saiyed Shakya, Rashes Pradhan, Nikesh Manandhar and Pradeep Manandhar. This band came in frame after winning the 2nd position in MTV Pepsi Voice of Nepal 2014.

Electric Air- On Stage

Screaming Marionette:

Screaming Marionette was formed in 1st April, 2016 consisting of 4 members: Nikesh Bhujel – Vocal, Sushan Gurung – Drum, Nimesh Nakarmi – Bass and Sajan Gurung & Nabin Khadka – Guitar. This band has won 13th KCM ICMC show.

Screaming Marionette On Stage

 Ka! Zuki JJ:

Formed in 2012, Ka! Zuki JJ is a Kathmandu based ska/rock band consisting of members: JJ on vocal and guitar, Sanjay on Guitar, Suzen on Bass and Rajiv on Drum. This band became more popular after their debut EP ‘Toletole Ma Bhaisiko Masu’

KA! ZUKI JJ On Stage

Tumbleweed Inc.’s current lineup includes: Ktm Souljah as vocalist, Sarad Shrestha as lead guitarist, Prasant Maharjan as a Bassist and Robin Neupane on Drums.

Here are some of the footages of the performance at that night.

Tumbleweed Inc. On Stage

ASM Hosting The Show

Check out the video of performance of Tumbleweed Inc. below: