Six-String Soldiers is a four-member acoustic group performing Americana, folk, bluegrass, and Irish music in an informal setting. The group brings its signature style to the smallest, most intimate venues, the busiest public places, street festivals, and music festivals across the United States. With its focus on audience interaction and sharing its members’ stories and experiences as American Soldiers, Six-String Soldiers offers one of the most personal musical experiences found in the United States Army.

Founded in 6th February, this band mission is to provide musical support to strengthen the ties between the Army and civilian populations at home and abroad. They were influenced by the greatest artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Arlo Guthrie and Blind Faith.

It’s amazing to see even being an army, they have to contribute for their country and in extra, they are known as a great musical band.

In this video, we can see Six-String Soldiers performing the song ‘Country Roads’, original by John Denver. Check out the outstanding performance below: