Sindhuli Gadhi is an age old, yet evergreen song by late Krishna Bikram Thapa.  Watch Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s new cover song video where he sings this particular classic masterpiece.

Covers surely are maps, a road-map, or a journey to self-discovery for most of the artists. Nobody jumps into their own songs right from the beginning. They stick to songs that are already out there. And after thousands of such songs, and years of practice, an artist is born, who then sings his own songs. And Neetesh is one of them. He is one of the uprising artists of Nepal who began his career by covering Nepali songs and more recently is involved in composing some awsome songs on his own as well. Humble, modest and above all super talented, Neetesh has numerous songs to his name till date. Songs like ‘The Chhuttee Song’, ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’, ‘Bujheu Haina Ra’ are some of his popular ones.

Have a look at this amazing cover video by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Enjoy and keep supporting Nepali Music and Musicians.