Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked in an interview with Clash and clarified his musings about the people out there wearing Metallica t-shirts without knowing any of the band’s music. He said:

“Hahaha Right. Indeed, let me disclose to you that when I designed the logo on a napkin in our little rehearsal room in Norwalk, California, never would I have figured it would resemble Maytag or Volvo or something.

The barbed logo, the name, it’s nearly family unit. Never would I have suspected that. But in our silly thinking back then – you know, ‘We’re going to conquer the world and that’s it. We need our logo on everybody’s body eventually – it makes a decent tattoo!’ [Laughs]

I love graphics, realistic outlining. On the off chance that I wasn’t in a band, that is most likely what I would have been doing. I was loving designing the t-shirts and logos. My mother was a visual originator and decorator, so it seemed well and good that I loved the art part too, so I get the chance to do both in this.

What’s more, merchandise puts a major grin all over. When I see some child out in the city with his parents and he has got a Metallica shirt on, regardless of whether he’s knew about us or not, it’s a statement, you know? It is a statement, so I love that.”