Chepang first hit our radar last year, when the quartet—whose members are spread between NYC, Dallas, and Portland, Maine—came roaring out of the gate with their hyper-political, hyper-blasting debut, Lathi Charge. Since then, Chepang has continued to dominate the New York City extreme metal underground and beyond, grinding out frenzied screeds about police brutality and class war at both beloved local venues and the loftier platform of Maryland Deathfest, which they were invited to play in 2016.

Their manic riffs, multi-vocal approach, and sheer abrasiveness combine with an aesthetic rooted firmly in their shared homeland. All four members of the band are originally from Nepal, but moved to the US and took to calling their unholy racket “immigrindcore” as a sort of tongue-in-cheek statement that has since become more politicized under the current regime.

Here’s an awesome dual drum blasting attack video of the recording session with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. Check it out!!