Rohit John Chettri’s new album-Jhari Pachi Ko Indreni is on its way to release.

Mostly recognized for his graceful and glamorous love songs, Rohit has successfully established his eminence in the music industry with his caliber voice. Born in 1991, Rohit, a popular singer, song writer, guitarist from Kathmandu and currently one of the lead vocalists of the Legendary band 1974 AD, was thrusted into the limelight by his very first song- Bistarai Bistarai that was uploaded on YouTube back in 2013 via his official youtube channel Rohit John Chettri. The song earned him huge fame and recognition in the industry within a short period of time. Later in 2015, he released an album with the same name Bistarai Bistarai which featured 7 songs- pani paryo, timra dui ankhama, sannani, jani jani, sapani ma, timi nai and bistarai bistarai. He was even awarded the prestigious Hits FM Best New Artist of The Year award in 2016 for his work.

And now after nearly three years Rohit is back with his new album which is all set for a release this December. ” I’m planning to release the songs on YouTube first and then an album launch gig. The album name is ‘Jhari Pachi Ko Inderni’ and there are 7 songs in the album. The whole album fits into a Pop Fusion genre. Hopefully 1st song of the album will be released before 31dec 2017. Fingers crossed.” says Rohit John Chetrri in the talk with Nepali E-Chords. Till then stay tuned!