Nepali Music refers to the various musical genres heard in Nepal. With more than fifty ethnic groups, the music of the country is highly diverse. Genres like pop, rock, Nep-hop ko bato, folk, classical music, and ratna music are widely found, but many less common genres are yet to be cataloged. Among them, classical folk music are listened by every people for its pure music.

On the basis of folk music, ‘Panchamrit’ is a fusion instrumental band with an ensemble of traditional Nepali instruments and Western instruments. The band comprises of 3 members: Hari Gurung as Guitarsist, Manish Gandharva as a Sarangi player and Prabesh Maharjan on Tabala. They are an extremely talented group with their own classical taste on music. Having released their first instrumental single on youtube May, 2017 they are onto a bright musical journey.

Check out Panchamrit performing in the given video and keep on supporting Nepali Music.