‘Felix Martin’ is a Venezuelan guitarist who is pioneering a style of playing the electric guitar by performing all the while utilizing his self-composed 14 and 16-string guitars, which are two normal guitars in one, in a way never observed or heard. This opens up another and concealed world for the electric guitar and instrumental music. Felix spearheaded this style of playing at 13 years old, and starting at 2014, he remains the just a single on the planet who plays along these lines.

Felix is pushing music into new limits by blending Rock and Metal with various styles, for example, Jazz, Progressive, World, Latin, Fusion, and so forth. The uniqueness of his guitars and procedure enables him to make recognized sound that influences the music to sound one of a kind. Recently he and his bands are recording an exceedingly foreseen self-titled collection, and in addition visiting around the discharge date.

Here’s an awesome guitar performance by Felix Martin by mixing Venezuelan music with rock. Check it out!