Popular Cover Artist Prayatna Shrestha has come up with his new original song –हक featuring the 8th Scale Band.

Best known for his cover songs on YouTube, Prayatna Shrestha is one of the promising uprising artist in the industry. Prayatna, the former G9 band’s frontman (Sprite Band Challenge 2011 Winner), is currently involved with the Arbirtary Group and has songs like chotto geet, auuna ,etc. to his name. 

Here is the official music video of the song. Enjoy and keep supporting Nepali music and musicians.

Composed/ Lyrics by: Ishwor GC
Singer: Prayatna Shrestha
The 8th Scale
Guitar : Rohit Ranjit
Bass: Ishwor GC
Keyboard: Kushal Gurung
Drums: Dipluv
Director: Nattu Shah
Camera: Anup Dhewaju Anoop Gurung Dabin Gurung Johny Poon