Tagaro Ma Rumal is a very popular number by the evergreen Kandara Band. 

Kandara, a musical group from Pokhara, Nepal formed in 1992,  includes 5 members: Bibek Shrestha (Vocalist), Omar Gurung & Sunil Bhattachan (Guitarist), Buddha Raj Bajracharya (Keyboardist) and Sadeep Tulachan (Bassist). In 2016, Kandara made a comeback with the release of a new album featuring the popular song, “Bhedi Gothaima”.

 Best known for establishing the folk-pop genre within the Nepalese music industry, Kandara’s musical influences range from ballads, rock ‘n roll, and jazz to contemporary Hindi film soundtracks. With its distinctive melodies, simple, folk-based lyrics, and soulful vocal performance, the band has produced several songs such as: “Leka ki hey Maya,” “Timi pari tyo Gauma,” “Bideshiyera gaien Uni,” and “Chanchale kanchhiko joban.” The band is known for creating new lyrics for existing popular songs, emphasizing themes of nationalism, human misery, love, and nature.

Watch them performing Tagaro Ma Rumal live at the Sydney Music Festival,2016.  Enjoy..