‘Priyasi’ is one of the famous songs of the well known band – Crazy 55. This band was formed in 2055 B.S. by senior founder members of Chitwan. Now only three members- “Hemanta Pun as Drummer & Vocalist, Mahesh Ghale as Bassist & Bishal Dewan as lead guitarist and vocalist” are running the band, with a slight transition of the original folk pop pattern of our old songs towards Alternative pop rock and folk still remains.

Here’s a beautiful cover of ‘Priyasi’ by a band ‘The Troxy’. This band formed in Chitwan has been performing at many clubs and restaurants. The band member consists of: Band manager: Prabesh Gurung , Vocal: Anish Gurung, Lead Guitarist : Abinash Gurung, Bass Guitarist : Subham Gurung and Drummer : Benjamin Gurung. Recently, the band had been awarded as ‘The Best Song Composition’ by Battle of The Bands 2017 held in Chitwan. Check out the song and keep on supporting the Nepali Music!!