The only band The Axe is an established name in the Nepali music field. This is a story about attitude of course- a story of 3 people who formed a band in the scam without any solemn commitment, never thought they would come out with their great songs, music with real honesty and passion and of course making a history.

The album “Farkera Herda” introduced the name of the band in the Nepali music field as their song “Chiya Barima” and “Pallo Dadama” went the smash hit. Therefore, it was not east to play the same old sound according to their hit album. Being little frustrated, the band was left over doing small concerts across the town. Later then their collection album “The Very Best of the Axe“, which complies their best selected numbers from the past (1993-2003) definitely proved to be the best selling album in 2003, and still going on strong.

Here’s an awesome performance of their hit song ‘Thado Jaane Ukalo’ at Itahari. Enjoy the video!!