Living Legend Dev Rana of the age old, yet evergreen Prism band was recently honored by Nepal Music Festival group for his outstanding contribution to Nepalese Art and Music. Mukti Shakya, the goodwill ambassador of the festival organized this 17th and 18th of November, awarded Dev Rana on day 2 of the occasion that was considered to be the grandest musical event of the year. 

‘Dev Rana’ is a historic name who has a long tale on the music industry of Nepal. Being a drummer of the first very band of Nepal ‘Prism’, Dev have personally inspired musicians to play drums.

Talking about him and the band, they spawned a plethora of musical happenings in and around KTM through the mid-seventies and eighties. They also brought poem, prose and song. Shows put on by Prism introduced KTM to appreciate modern rock music of the Sixties and Seventies that included electric guitars backed up by a strong rhythm duo of bass and percussion. Over the years Prism has been performing with an ever changing lineups leading to confusion and controversy, but the band carries on in one form or another thirty-seven years after it was formed.


Let’s take a glance upon Mukti dai, the Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Music Festival 2017 presenting the honorable award to the legend ‘Dev Rana’.