The clash between Pops Martin of Anil Studio and Sunny Mahat from TMR trio is hiting up rapidly surfacing on the social media. Both parties have expressed their dis satisfaction on their Facebook status.

So here’s the conversation between both parties….. 

Sep 28th, 6:45pm
Sunny Mahat: Hey’s it going?
Pops Martin: hi Sunny, happy Dashain.well, I keep floating on the boring daily routine and wish I could be in the dusty city, hehe
Sunny Mahat: Haha..Happy Dashain…not dusty in Dashain here…the weather is so good
Pops Martin: nice
Sunny Mahat: Got some work for you though..debut single for the Trio
Pops Martin: here it’s slowly getting cooler and darker ohooo
Sunny Mahat: Haha..I figured…winter I coming
Pops Martin: Jimi, Sanjeet and you I guess?
Sunny Mahat: Yeah..TMR Trio
Pops Martin: just throw it westward and I’ll catch it
Sunny Mahat: You’ll probably have to work on his vocals though..haha..Jimi’s singing..but this time, we have an idea of the sound we want, so it’ll probably be easier
Pops Martin: ok, I’ll leave the pitch correction to Anil. He’s become a master in this For the rest, I’ll happily mess it up for you haha
Sunny Mahat: Cool..he says he’ll get you the track by tomorrow afternoon
Pops Martin: ok, fine
Sunny Mahat: Great…hope it goes well Sep 29th, 4:25pm
Pops Martin: Hi Sunny Mixing is in progress Might be ready to send you a mix in about an hour or 2 latest
Sunny Mahat: Seriously? That quick?
Pops Martin: started about 3 hours ago so not THAT quick, hehe don’t know the whereabouts of Sanjeet. Wanna hear his comments as well because I replaced the
TD30 drums with a Superior Drummer 3 kit
Sunny Mahat: Hahaha..yeah..I thought it’d be at least a couple of days till you get back to me.. He loved the snare drums is all I know…and this is the kind of sound we’re looking for. ;list=PLhtNVtvwUQJgW7v7dFnYHXm0O9CaFttie This and Are you gonna go my way
Pops Martin: lemme check haha, now THAT’s some seriously different genre
Sunny Mahat: Haha..yeah..we just liked the sound
Pops Martin: 2017-09-29 TMR Trio – Untitled Mix – mastered.mp3
(one hour later) hmm
Sunny MahatHaven’t got the chance to listen to it yet…some problem at home..have forwarded it to the guys as
well..will get back to you as soon as we all hear it.
Pops Martin: ok Sep 30th, 4:26pm
Pops Martin: New version right in time for the festival 2017-09-30 TMR Trio – Untitled Mix – mastered.mp3  made a couple of changes and fixes Sep 30th, 5:31pm
Sunny Mahat: Awesome..will check it out in the evening. Oct 6th, 10:16am
Sunny Mahat: Hey Pops…sorry for being out of touch for a moment..small accident at home..wife was in the hospital till yesterday Oct 7th, 1:53pm
Pops Martin: oh, to bad. Hope she’ll recover fast. Oct 7th, 5:24pm
Sunny Mahat: Thanks..will take some to recover..multiple fractures on the elbow
Pops Martin: It might hit you by surprise but I’m angry as hell about what’s going on right now
Sunny Mahat: What happened?
Pops Martin: I’ve been waiting for feedback for 1 week … with not a single word by any of you … and today you’re changing the song with Anil / Aneel. What the hell?
I did the mix, I’m the one to talk to How is it possible to show THAT amount of disrespect?
Sunny Mahat: I’m at home man..I’ll talk to the boys about it..what was changed ?
Pops Martin: They (whoever that is) are at the studio right now doing changes no idea what and why but I’m 100% sure that I will not do the mix again, from scratch
holy crap, I’m totally shocked by what’s going on
Sunny Mahat: I thought they were only going to listen to the drum track because the drummer felt that his hi-hats didn’t sound that good…
Pops Martin: I’m the one who mixed, no other person on this planet so it’s me to talk to the boys don’t have the current mixed project they only have the MP3 mixdown just like you
Sunny Mahat: Let me call them up..I have no idea what they’re up to
Pops Martin: ok by the way … they can’t listen to the drum track to see if hihat sounds bad ….. because the boys don’t have the drumkit that I’ve used for mixing. So they (or Sanjeet) should have asked me. he simply can’t hear the solo’d drum track there, in the studio
Sunny Mahat: I just called the boys up..they’ve copy pasted some tracks on the drums because the drummer was having a problem with the open/close hi-hats..then they had the bright idea of experimenting with the guitar sound..they say they haven’t made any major changes and the rest is the same.
Pops Martin: they HAVE made major changes because they have changed in the recording project, not in the mix project the mix is here with me and all changes they do there will not have an effect on the mixed version it’s a ridiculous situation I’ve spent hours mixing this song and I certainly won’t scrap it completely because of their inability to discuss it directly with me … sigh
Sunny Mahat: Does Anil know that? I only know half of everything right now so I have no idea what’s going on..been tied up with my own stuff…let me talk to them again and settle this..not a mess I need to get into right now..what does Anil have to say about this?
Pops Martin: If I was unhappy with the bass track, would it make sense if I discuss it with Rozet Gurung or
Roshan Kansakar? Probably not … I should discuss it with you I guess. I think they told him “let’s make some changes” and he just followed blindly. So there might very well be some reason to be mad with him as well. looks like they have left the studio already
Sunny Mahat: Well, to come to think of it, they’re not involved with us in any way but Anil is a part of Anil Studio so this argument doesn’t make any sense right now. If they made changes to the tracks, your guy was a part of it too. So it’s best to assess the situation properly and find a solution instead of making it worse.
Pops Martin: It wasn’t in my intention to make anything worse just been waiting a week for a single bit of feedback …. and still don’t have any. Instead the entire thing gor changed without my knowledge. so you can surely understand my “confusion”
Sunny Mahat: I told you a very valid reason why I hadn’t been able to give you a feedback. I was at the hospital all this time and this was in the last of my concerns for the time being. I am as “confused” and angry as you at the moment but we have to admit that the mistake was made by both the sides.So you talk to your guys and I’ll talk to mine and we will settle it.
Pops Martin: I’m talking with them right now and yes, I’m deeply sorry to molest you with this. You certainly have other problems right now. But please understand me as well. I can’t do more than repetedly ask you guys for feedback … had asked Sanjeet as well. And nobody seems to care and just happily trash my work.
Sunny Mahat: I completely understand you and pissed at them for making changes without me knowing about them too..because that undermines me as a band member as well. But I’m completely sure that those guys were just fooling around and mean to disrespect. Neither Anil nor Jimi and Sanjeet.
Pops Martin: ok, let’s see how this mess will be cleaned up. In the meantime, take care of your wife, that#s way more important and meaningful
Sunny Mahat: Sure. Give me a day. I’ll call them for a meeting tomorrow. Don’t let the darker side take over you
Pops Martin: the darker side has already taken over … having fever, headaches, coughing.
Sunny Mahat: Haha..take care is more important than any mix yep all the best to you.
Oct 9th, 10:07am
Sunny Mahat: So..did you hear the “changed” track? Anil had initially said he would be doing the mixing but then I hear he has sent the track to you. We should definitely make a Line of Control on our work because the confusion continues.
Oct 9th, 2:30pm
Pops Martin:
what means “initially”? I mean, I sent you the mix (actually even 2 versions) more than a week ago and til date nobody cared to discuss it with me. Sanjeet told me 8 days ago that he will listen next day and give his review … guess what, nothing. Next thing I hear is Jimi and Sanjeet sitting at the studio doing whatever changes. I must be doing seriously bad mixing. If nobody even cares to talk with me. Oct 9th, 3:50pm
Sunny Mahat: You seriously need to communicate with Anil it seems. Like I told you, I wasn’t able to give you a feedback on the first mixes for a reason. Then the guys went to the studio and made some changes to the project file with ANIL’ s participation. Then ANIL told them that he would do the “initial” panning and other stuff and will send THAT file to you for mixing. No isn’t it understood that if they have made changes to the project , they want to continue working on the new project itself?
Pops Martin: as I said many times now, it would be wise to discuss things with me, seriously. The drums changes (in the MIDI) I have already put into my mix project. No big deal but the changes in guitar need to be discussed … and again … with ME and the total lack of communication since over a week although I had asked mutliple times to discuss with ME you still continue telling me our communication laclks? Jimi and (especially) Sanjeet came to the studio ald kind of “ordered” the guys to make changes thesy shouldn’t have done with them in the first place. There are reasons why I continue asking for that
Sunny Mahat: I told you “many times” why there was a communication gap…shit man! Who’s the client here? Did we have Anil in gunpoint?? Shouldn’t Anil ask you before making any changes? Shouldn’t he tell you exactly what he told us?? The only point you have is the communication gap and I’m fucking
irritated explaining to you why it happened. And what if the guys went and made changes to the original file?? We’re paying for we can’t make changes to what we recorded and paid for?? I’m actually getting tired of all this. I’ll just take the project from the studio now and get it mixed myself.
Pops Martin: If this is your definite and ultimate statement instead of just being curious of what I might have to say about the changes … well yeah, you’d better do that and get happy it’s a fact that everyone thinks he can mix nowadays just because they own and interface and a cracked copy of some software
disrespect and ignorance at its best
Sunny Mahat:If you wanted to talk about the changes, you could have talked about them first instead of nagging me when I’ve continuously told you I’m in some shit of my own. I really don’t need this from you right now. And I might as well post the whole conversation online and ask people on which side is disrespecting and being ignorant.
Pops Martin: My mistake is that I thought musicians around Kathmandu are interested in getting some professional help making the best of their music I don’t need guys to tell me what button to press just like the chef at Yak&Yeti will not be waiting for your advise how to cook rice ridiculous
Sunny Mahat: So you mean you’re the only “professional” here. Perfect white guy attitude. Thank you for making it easier for me.
Pops Martin: hahaha I don’t think that ever in my entire life but you certainly must know it All I know is that YOU, personally have no clue about mixing
Sunny Mahat: I can pay. I can get it done from anyone I want. You don’t have to attack me personally for wanting to take my own track from your studio.
Pops Martin: It#s really funny to see all this mess after I’ve kept asking continuously for feedback and review and discussing the mix over and over again
how much insults and blaming am I supposed to take for granted? In 30 years of audio engineering I haven’t seen this craziness happen. I’m stunned.
Sunny Mahat: What the fuck are you talking about man??? You don’t comprehend what I’m saying??? I really dont need to explain this to you anymore. I’m stunned at how stupid you are.
Pops Martin: fuck off … ’nuff said Sunny Mahat:You fuck off man..this is my fucking really want to get dirty with me?? In my domain?? I can be polite till a certain level only man. I have been polite with you through out. Now if you want to get ugly with me, bring it on.
Pops Martin: hahaha
Sunny Mahat: Yeah..haha back..and I’m taking it really personally now since you’ve dragged me into this despite of me telling you I am in no mood for bickering.

Now that every thing is open and all the information that we have is infront. it is upto the readers to decide which party is legit…..