The age of nine, still a part of childhood, is what we miss a lot when we grow old. This age, mostly spent in schools and the cozy environment of home and family is spent studying, playing and that desperation of vacation to initiate.

Girls and boys at this age are fascinated toward superheroes, ninjas, Disney princess and their toys accessories. However, not everyone is fond of them for there are some extra cool children who are thrived toward doing something unique and more fascinating. So Emma He is one of the perfect examples to support the statement.

The little girl, 9, is amazingly talented in the field of music. The young lady has her own YouTube channel where she has portrayed her enticing art of playing different musical instruments, and we have shown among the videos, a breath taking performance of Emma He playing Syrinx Flute.

Beautifully done, Emma has played Nikolia-Korsakov at 210 bpm probably giving goosebumps to every music lover. Only the age of nine and considered as a pro, we foresee for a successful musical career in Emma’s life. Let’s give a glimpse upon the video.