These days making cover songs have made out for instance in Nepali youths. The cover songs have changed into an instrument to exhibit their blessings. Some comment that some cover songs end up being superior to the in any case, while others comment that cover songs have crushed the suppositions of the essential song. The standard of the cover songs relies on various sections like vocalist and melodic systems.

Anuj Pradhan, a rising cover artist is a singer as well as song writer at The Arbitary Group. Having a good and unique voice, he covers mostly Nepali songs and barely covers Hindi and English songs. Apart from that, he is also an assistance producer at the Himalayan Rodies. Seeing his improvement, he will have a positive fame in Nepali Music Industry.

Here’s a new video of Anuj Pradhan covering famous song of 1974 A.D titled ‘Samjhi Baschu’. Check it out and keep on supporting Nepali artists!!!