This is to announce all of you that the greatest band in the historical backdrop of Nepal has been created and it has been named as PROJECT ONE and is framed through Bandwagon By Positive Vibes.

The members of the band include many legendary musical artists of Nepal and the holy epic line up for the band is given below:

Vocalist: Mukti Shakya – Mukti & Revival, Robin Tamang – Robin & The New Revolution, Abhaya Subba – Abhaya & The Steam Injuns, Swapnil Sharma- The Shadows ‘Nepal’ and Neran Shahi – Anuprastha

Guitarist: Hari Maharjan – HMP/Former Nepathya’s Lead guitarist, Sarad Shrestha- Tumbleweed/Shree 3/Former The Axe Lead guitarist and Rajiv Rinchen Palzor- Abhaya & The Steam Injuns.

Bassist: Roshan Kansakar- Mukti & Revival and Suraj Bista- Music Scorer.
Sarangi: Bharat Nepal – Profesor at KU.

Drums: Nikhil Tuladhar

Their albums will be released before the finish of November 2017 and their Tour dates to be reported soon for January 2018 et cetera.

A great history will be created after the formation of this band. Awesome!!!