Ever seen two music legends from a slightly different musical era sharing the same stage? No? Then, you have come to the right place my friend. Have a look at this amazingly rare video that features a duo performance between the Legendary modern classical singer Deepak Kharel and the all time favorite lead guitarist of legendary band -1974 AD. 

The event by Royal Treasure- Deepak Kharel( Nostalgic Memories from the 70’s), organized early August this year at the reputed Moksh venue, Lalitpur, was a  joyous event where people had shown up hundreds in number. Nearly at the end of the show, the two musicians, Kharel and Manoj surprised the audiences giving a duo performance on one of 1974 AD’s greatest hits- Nepali Ho and Deepak’s Timro Tyo Hasilo.

“Manoj and I prepared for it in top secret. 1974 AD, as I know is the heartbeat of our new generation of music lovers. Among many of their hits, there’s one national song that I personally like very much. So, here we go.” says Deepak Kharel on stage.

Have a look at this amazing acoustic footage and what the two musicians have to say on the matter here: