Kathmandu Nepal’s rugged trumpet ‘Abhyaa and the Stim Enzens’ has given their musical presentation in the Olympia Fate (Fair) on Saturday at the Olympia Wild School, in the capital of the capital. After performing at the seven states of US, the band has returned to Nepal and perfomed between the students of the school.

According to Abhaya, they have performed in Cincinnati, Saint Los, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore in the US. In the program organized in the 7th anniversary year of the school, they had children, teachers and guardians in their organizational environment.

In the program, ‘Honor Of Women’ awarded Abhaya presented their songs: ‘Hami Sabai Nepali’, ‘Nainital Mash up’, ‘Looking For Love’, ‘Ramauna deu’, ‘Timro Lagi’, ‘Yo Mero Ghar’, ‘Badal’.

Abhaya expressed pleasure in organizing a fair while dedicating about women. “There is still the same old way of treating women in this age. In such a situation, a school is a positive and commendable work to organize program for woman.” said Abhaya. “Today’s program has become a wonderful opportunity for me.”

The lady was inaugurated by the women judo player and Olympian Phup Lhaum Khatri. There were special children in the metallurgy of various activities of the festival including Horse riding, Face painting, sports, and entertainment. The spectators of various flavors kept in the table were very happy in the organizational environment. The program was administered by Positive Bubbles.