Prepare for an unforgettable musical experience as Monkey Temple, the iconic Nepali band, is set to grace the stage at LAS Oval Ground, Hattiban, on November 4. 

Known for their dynamic fusion of rock, pop, and Nepali folk influences, Monkey Temple has been a driving force in the Nepali music scene. Their energetic and emotionally charged performances have earned them a dedicated following.Monkey Temple is one of the first alternative rock bands in Nepal. At the time when the rock music scene was unheard of, Monkey Temple was among the very few that made it into the Nepali rock scene.Monkey Temple’s first album came out in the year 2002. It was called Black Bee and the Flower. There were about 11 tracks the album, including hit numbers like Sangai Bachauna and Acoustic 11 (also know as Socheko). Mark your calendars for November 4 and get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying melodies of Monkey Temple as they rock LAS Oval Ground, Hattiban, for an evening that’s sure to be nothing short of spectacular.