Nepathya, one of Nepal’s most iconic and enduring musical acts, has achieved a remarkable milestone as their hit song “Resham” crosses an astounding 20 million views on YouTube.

“Resham,” with its fun melody , has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Nepathya’s unique fusion of traditional and contemporary elements in their music has garnered them a dedicated global fanbase, and “Resham” has been a standout in their illustrious career.This extraordinary achievement showcases the band’s influence and reach on the global stage, emphasizing their cultural significance and the universal appeal of Nepathya’s music. As they continue to resonate with new and existing audiences, fans eagerly anticipate more musical masterpieces from this legendary Nepali band. Congratulations to Nepathya on this remarkable milestone!


Nepathya is a Nepalese folk rock band that was formed in the early 1990s by three students from Pokhara while studying in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepathya was formed by Deepak Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung. They started recording songs which after 25 years have made them the greatest band ever of Nepal. Nepathya is best known for blending folk melodies with modern western-influenced rock music. Nepathya has enjoyed both commercial and critical success. Nepathya is well known for contemporary tunes that have strong ties with indigenous music and songs sung using regional dialects from rural Nepal.