Nepal’s most beloved bands, Edge Band, is all set to perform live at the upcoming Dashain Mela on Kartik 4th. The event will be a high-energy celebration of music and culture that locals and fans from nearby regions won’t want to miss.

Edge Band, known for their catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics, has been a driving force in Nepal’s music scene. Their fusion of rock, pop, and contemporary elements has earned them a dedicated fanbase over the years.The Dashain Mela provides an ideal platform for this spectacular performance, as it is a popular cultural festival in Nepal. Families and music enthusiasts alike can gather to enjoy the band’s signature sound amidst the festive atmosphere.Make sure to mark Kartik 4th on your calendar for an evening of unforgettable music by Edge Band at the Dashain Mela in Narayangarh. It’s an event that will resonate with fans of all ages.