Nepali rock band Albatross is performing live at Melbourne this June 18th. Special act will be done by Shaastra Nepal in the event.

Three-piece underground thrash metal group Albatross was founded in 1998 and went on to pioneer a new genre in Nepal’s alternative music scene. They also garnered a cult following and legend status. Shirish Dali is the frontman for the band that is responsible for cult classics including Farki Farki, Khaseka Tara, and Nischal. Sunny Manandhar (Suncha Vox), Abhaya Siddhi Bajracharya, Kismat Shrestha, and Sunny Manandhar are the other members.

Atti Bhayo (2011), Ma Ra Malai (2015), Jo Jas Sanga Sambandhit Chha (2005), Hi:fly (1999), and Albatross’ four other albums have all been recorded and released as of now. The fifth album, Raat Ko Raani is also  available now. As the first band from Nepal to perform at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, one of the greatest gatherings in the world, the group travels and performs all over the country and overseas.