It was the night, full of the energy and the hysteria. Best of the best songs was covered by Abhishek S.Mishra(known as the Blues Guy) at Social Café, Gairidhara. The show was commenced around 8 PM. The main enthrallment of the show was Sarad Shrestha and Abhishek S.Mishra. They performed together with the most famous songs like knock knock knockin on heaven’s door and Hey Joe.

The show went totally into next level when Mishra called the Suncha Vox (Sunny Manandhar from Albatross) to join the stage with him and Sarad. Without any hesitation, Suncha Vox joined the stage with them and banged the show. Witnessing these three people from three different bands at the same place and jamming together was totally monumental for everyone. But the best part about it was the guitar they were using was worth more than 1 lakh. Sounds crazy huh!

The show finally ended up at 10:30 PM right before the cops showed up. Enjoy the solo performed by Sarad and Suncha on Hey Joe.