Kathmandu- Famous singer Bartika Eam Rai had shared a post on Facebook about her tour which was held 4 years ago.

Singer Rai shared a post through her Facebook stating, “This tour actually marks 4 years of me knowing Addy. After all this time, Addy is a sister, sometimes a confidante. The way we were built in childhood around our families are sometimes similar. In her stories, I sometimes find myself, a 9 year old, looking at another 9 year old, in spaces we did not share in this lifetime but perhaps in a parallel world, together. Both of us can talk for hours, our stories are loong winded. It is easy to get super close and confidential with Addy, just because of the effortless safe spaces that the sisterhood is. I am grateful to Addy for stories. I am also super happy to just watch her from the side, unfold and unravel gradually, into her full potential. Love you, Addy. Everything fabulous that you are dreaming of right now is heading your way. “