Kathmandu- Paul Stanley says his guitar hero Jimmy Page “paints with sound”. The KISS co-founder, 70, says the Led Zeppelin legend, 78, is far more than a guitarist, comparing his music to paintings.

Taking part in a Q+A on the ‘Kiss Kruise’, he said: “The guy who I respect the most and had the most impact on me is Jimmy Page … Jimmy’s Beethoven. Jimmy is so far beyond … When people say, ‘Oh, all respect to a lot of other hotshot guitar players,’ they’re guitar players. Jimmy Page is a brilliant cinematographer; he’s a brilliant arranger. He paints with sound. When people say, ‘Oh, Zeppelin, that’s, like, heavy metal or something,’ give me a break. Those songs are paintings. You think you’re hearing one big guitar. You’re not. You’re hearing a little guitar with another guitar behind it, and it’s all layered. And that’s the brilliance. And I think that too often in all kinds of things that we do in life, we think it’s what we see, and it’s very often what’s behind what we see, and it’s very often what’s behind what we hear. It’s not what we think it is. That’s where I think a lot of people fail.” He concluded: “Jimmy is brilliant. What he’s done is just crazy.”