Kathmandu- On 26th of October 2022, Wednesday Nhu da: vintuna rally and live concert is going to be held. Yogeshwor Amaya provided the details on Facebook stating, “Tomorrow is Wednesday… 20th of the day … Please come to Pepsi Cola Chowk.9 o’clock in the morning .Thank you”

There was a post on Facebook stating,”Historical success,This gate is going to be opened after almost 10 years .This year’s new year will be historic. I invite everyone to attend. Pepsicola Chowk, Sinamangal Temple, exactly at 5 o’clock. A very historical sacred place where real Nepal started.The sacred place where all Nepalese are debt free by National Bibhuti Shankhadhar Sakhwa.Everyone must come.Let’s go towards establishing Nepal Sambat as much as possible.”