Sacho Kura: Euphonious Collaboration by ClassX Presentation Featuring Yabesh Thapa, Zeroo, Easi 12, and Dong has Surpassed 1Million Views On YouTube.

The song is overly joyous, performed by an overly talented and versatile quartet.

Yabesh Thapa recent youth sensation with a voice as sweet as caramel has sung the soothing verses of the track, Chorus part was my personal favorite which goes like this:

Tara saacho kura bhannu parda
Yo mutu bhitra kehi bhayekai ho
Taha chaina kasari thapaune hola
Yo mutu bhitra ko kura kasari bujhne hola

Whereas, a rapper like Zeroo, Easi 12, and Dong has spit the bars back to back respectively. Followed by the chorus by Yabesh. All over the song is a perfect blend of soothing melody and energetic rap.

The music video for the song is entertaining as well, showcasing the group of a friend having fun, partying, singing, and dancing. The singers as well are spotted inside the clip along with one of the founding members of ClassX production, Bibek Waiba Lama (vek).

The song was written, and composed by Yabesh Thapa, Zeroo, Easi 12 & Dong themself. The melodies guitar heard in the song were played by Yabesh Thapa, which we can see on the MV as well.