Kathmandu- Nick Jonas found a new trio in Dancing with myself. It is starring Shakira, Nicholas Jonas and Liza Koshy. Inspired by the many viral dance routines on social media, each week Dancing With Myself will present “a series of high-energy dance challenges,” according to a press release.

Dancing with Myself premieres on Tuesday, May 31st 2022. The Jonas brother replaced Shaquille O’Neal as a dance creator on NBC’s new dance competition show. It was revealed Jonas would be replacing him just six days after the show’s initial announcement.

Jonas has been sharing his looks every day on Instagram, and the singer is definitely going to look fresh on the show. When celebrities unite, it’s always exciting, and Shakira and Nick Jonas are the pair we never knew we needed.
Shakira shared a first look on the set of Dancing with Myself with her new partner in crime, Thursday.