Kathmandu- Apple has announced that it is discounting its music player, the iPod touch after over 20 years. The device became the face of portable music and kickstarted its meteoric evolution into the world’s biggest company.

The iPod Touch, the only version of the portable music player still being sold, will be available till supplies last, Apple said in a blog post. When the first iPod was launched in 2001, it could store 1000 tracks. Today there is more than 90 million songs on Apple’s streaming service.

The iPod touch was designed by the same team that later invented the iPhone, that quickly overshadowed the iPod. Apple last updated the iPod in 2019.

Apple iOS is officially 20 years old and would have completed 21 years on October 23. iPod is one of the ancient gadgets of Apple and now it is finally time to bid goodbye to the product. Steve Jobs was able to turn Apple into the most profitable company in the history with the launch of iPod back in 2001.