VTEN has released trailer  of his upcoming music video ‘Gau Tirai’ and it’s already on trending no 46 with 89k views.

Popular rapper VTEN has released the trailer of his upcoming music video ‘Gau Tirai’ yesterday. Almost after 6 months VTEN has comeback with his music and the trailer of the song looks promising as always. The song is dropping soon worldwide on every platforms of music. The trailer video has already gained over 89k views and is on Trending no. 46 for music in YouTube only after 12 hours of it’s release.

VTEN’s songs have always been praised for their realism, relatability to the struggles of Nepalese youth, and intense and remarkable emotional expression. He is the first Nepali solo artist to reach one million YouTube subscribers. Churot, Hami Yastai ta Honi Bro, Sim Sime Pani, Himmat, Cypher, Kathaa, Manche Khattam, and other hit lists helped him acquire recognition.

You can look at the trailer here;