Jason Barnes is an American drummer. Unfortunately, he lost his arm in a horrible accident and now has a robotic arm. He started to play drum at the age of 14.

Even after he lost his hand, he continued drumming with drum sticks taped to his stump. With the help of Gil Weinberg, a Georgia tech professor and inventor of musical robots, the pair utilized electromyography and ultrasound technology to make a bionic hand for him. Jason is one of the many who has challenged the obstacle and has been trying to make everything possible through his cybernetic arm capabilities.

In 2015, he took part in Geek Picnic festival which was held in Moscow. He also took part at Robotronica in Brisbane, Australia. No one knows the pain he went through. When he was 22 years old, the occurrence of electrical accident at work sent 22,000 volts of electricity through his body. He was badly injured from this accident and his doctors were forced to make the difficult decision to amputate his right arm. Therefore, he is helping to create future technology for people with disabilities.

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer”