Hijo Rati: Pop Song By Mc Flo Just Dropped

Anuraag Sharma, Engineer as a profession is widely known as Mc Flo in the Nepali HipHop realm. Flo is a decent rapper, lyricist, and music composer. He is often compared to the late Nepali rapper Yama Buddha. He is some of few examples who believe rap song isn’t only about nudity, drugs, vulgarity, etc, none of them is present in his songs. Maile Haasna Sikey, Tyo Din, Jhari, Adhi Bato, Salbalaune Sarpaharu are some of the hit records he recorded inside his room while he was an underground rapper for  7 years. He has his own website Flodai.com that contains most of his recordings.

Likewise, Mc Flo is back with his another foot-tapping pop song “Hijo Rati”. Flo himself added words to the beat produced by Right Beat Radio. The song was published through his official YouTube channel on September 3, 2020.

Listen to his latest song “Lekhna Man Chaina” if you haven’t till now.



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