Yo Kura Gopya surpasses 40.4M (4 Crore 4 Lakh) views on its video on YouTube. Pramod Kharel provided his melodious voice to this 2019 song. Similarly, Ek Narayan Bhandari penned the lyrics and Ashish Aviral composed and arranged the music. In the like manner, Dikshya Creation did the audio and video. Also, Najir Hussain, Alisha Rai and Pramod Kharel performed as the artists on the music video. This song is a dancing number which is loved by all age group. The song is available on the YouTube Channel of Pramod Kharel.

The singer had released the song after a major success of his other songs like Oye Jhuma Jhumkewali, Chal Batas Chal and Laideuna Mayale. In addition to these songs, his all-time popular songs are Usle Jati Maya, Chhuttiyera Timi Sanga, Aafu Dukhi Banera, Timilai Maya Garne, Ma Bina Kasai Kasailai, Man Jalera, Mero Desh Pyaro Nepal, Yo Mann Le Rojyo, Malai Timro Samjhanale, etc. Besides singing, he is also a coach from the popular singing reality show “Voice of Nepal”. Furthermore, he has also worked as a lecturer of Chemistry at different high schools in Nepal. His talent doesn’t stop here. He is also a very good impersonator of other artists like Ram Krishna Dhakal and Sonu Nigam.