Achyut Neupane

Mr. Srijan Nepal: born in Kathmandu in 30 Dec, 1974 is a singer, guitarist, guitar instructor, arranger & record producer from Dharan who pursued musical career since early teenage. Born as elder son of Meghraj Nepal(Manjul), famous revolutionary singer & Kunta Sharma, renowned poet & politician, he had huge interest in music since childhood. He passed Radio Nepal audition at the age of 17 and recorded 4 songs there. Following western classical music, he started playing contemporary and rock genre in studios. His first band was “The MOVE” where he was the lead-guitarist. This band included Dhiraj Rai as vocalist ,Simosh Sunuwar as keyboardist and many more. He worked as session-guitarist, arranger, composer & record producer with various well renowned artists. Later in 1995, while he was in Kathmandu, he collaborated with 2 Nepali & 3 non-Nepali musicians to form “BYPASS” band and later released a self-titled album. After returning Dharan, he opened Dharan Audio Recording Studio & Dharan Guitar School in 2004 AD. Since then he has been giving guitar lessons and has recorded more than 1000 songs in his studio.

In 2005 AD, 3 members of BYPASS band met to record second album “BYPASS II”. Between these two albums, he got involved in projects “Star Sensation” and “Voices Dharan”. Since then he has been residing in Dharan doing recordings and solo projects. All three brothers were free to be passionate in music and their mother has been their biggest supporter since the very early days. Srijan  also inspired his both younger brothers to get involved in music. Second child of the Nepal family is the Guitar Maestro & only Mohan Veena player of Nepal, Mr. Roshan Sharma (Urjaa Band) and the youngest one is Mr. Prashant Sharma (Urjaa Band) who gave vocals to popular songs “Atanka (Vhumi)” & “Panchhi (The Outsiders band)”.

Some of his projects are:

  • Timi Aaunu [BYPASS II]
  • Mero Juun[BYPASS I]
  • Andheri [BYPASS I] (Also covered by Catch 22)
  • Timro Yaad [Solo] (Played in Rajmarga movie)
  • Dherai Tada [Star Sensastion]
  • Ma Marey Bhane [Solo]
  • Chhaina Aashu [Move 2]

Have a look at his recently released song- ‘Nepali’