The art of music is one of the most aesthetic qualities that one can contain himself with. To acquire expertise on any field requires much hardship and one should toil away for that. The field of music is no different. Music not only is a form of art, but it is also a form of entertainment that creates an environment which people adore.

Every musical instrument is unique and has its own place in music. To be a master of an instrument, it takes a great deal of practice. Learning an instrument opens the door for learning different other instruments. A person can learn to play a ton of instruments, but it is nearly impossible for him to play all off them at the same time. It needs something special to be able to play all of them at once. One of the important things in music is timing. Things like when to drop the stick; when to hit the string; when to sing matters a lot in music. Music is not about playing things right but being able to play the things in the right time.

It is often seen that musicians can play the instruments successively one after another but it is very rare to see one play those at a time like three persons playing three instruments. Here is such video of a person named Dominic Fragman who has covered the song Tom Sawyer by Canadian rock band Rush.
In his solo trio, he has used his guitar, drums and his vocals simultaneously. Watch this beautiful cover below..
You don’t want to miss it. Believe me!