Emerging talent Chirag Khadka, popularly known as 5:55 ( पाच पचपन्न), has recently come up with a new music video called Stoner Life. Known for his unique style and interesting, expressive lyrics, Chirag, is one of the most promising young talent in the industry. Songs like Maya, Budi, Samadhi, Life Jacket are his popular hits. The Kathmandu based singer/songwriter/composer went from a virtually unknown artist with a couple of songs YouTube to a promising star in a matter of months.  Particularly, the much loved Budi song got him to the limelight and new heights of stardom and popularity  within a very short period of time. 

Words such as tope, bong, chilim ,etc. referring to marijuana are common in his song lyrics. This time as well he has come up with an interesting music video entitled Stoner Life. Have a look at his new music video here: