Popular singer/musician Almoda Rana Uprety has come up with the sequel of his 2016 hit Kaile Vente Khai. The song, entitled Kaile Vetne Khai 2 (Nyasro)  was uploaded on YouTube via 8K Motion Pictures on the 29th of December, 2019 along with a beautiful concept video featuring actor Najir Husen and actress Shilpa Maskey. The song has already gathered over 660k views and is currently #16 on YouTube Trending. 

Born on 5th of February,1988, Almoda is a popular and established musician in the Nepali music industry. His beautiful songs and compositions has made him a sensation among the audiences. Songs like pani paryo, kaile vetne khai, maya maya,dil ko vittaima hit top on his list.The famous Nepalese playback singer Almoda Rana Uprety has never disappointed his fans whenever he comes up with his new musical releases and is known for his ability to beautifully connect with the audiences through his songs.

Have a look at the new release here: