Megha Shrestha from Basundhara, Kathmandu was able to get the first golden mic in the on going Nepal Idol Season 3. The much loved singing reality TV Show featured Megha in the auditions round of the very first episode of the season where she sung 1974 AD’s all time favorite Hidda Hiddai. Judges impressed by her amazing voice and soulful performance asked for one more song. With the legendary Nhyoo on the guitar Megha sung  Ciney Gurung’s Maan next. Her singing impressed the judges so much that she was able to grab the first golden mic of the season in the auditions. 

Megha who had been involved in singing since grade 8 looks up to Abhaya Subba, also known as the rock Goddess of Nepalese Rock scene, and takes her as her mentor as well as inspiration. She had also participated in the 2016 Women in Concert Talnet Hunt. Regarding her selection to the other round Nhyoo says, ” I don’t know about the Nepal Idol Season 3 but Nepal has surely got a very promising singer”.