Popular singer/songwriter Bartika Eam Rai has recently released the final track Si/Ma- [Na] from her new EP entitled Si/Ma- [Na] as well. The release sequence that kicked off with Deshnikala on the 7th of November has finally come to an end with this last release. Her new EP features a total of 5 songs that were all released one by one each Friday via her official YouTube channel. 

Regarding the release she posts on social media: 

Si/Ma- [Na] is a letter I have written to you. To every living breathing hustling human being. Not just this final song, this entire album. If I were to explain each and every song in this album and what I am trying to say, feeling vulnerable and exposed would probably send me off real away from all of you so in order to save my sanity, I will not. Let the songs do the talking. I have to thank Diwas Gurung for 2019, for Si/Ma- [Na], for his mentorship and for gangster-agreeing to release all my non-ready, unwritten songs in two months time. This final track, I especially feel, has been elevated to a whole other level by the maestro.” 

For me, my songs run in a circle. From the very first word and the very first note and the very first draft and the recording production choices mixes video screens concepts shoots cast edits and releases, I drive it all, from the front seat. There is no order for any of this story presentation, but in each second, I leave a part of myself. Knitted in moments for years later, hopefully at a better time, when I can unlock all the morse code in each songs and laugh at myself, with myself. Time and memory, strange things, strange gifts?

For Si/Ma- [Na], kind thanks to Passé Pictures who agreed that I use his footage (that I use for my LIVE shows) to knit into the final video, it was a treat to work to patch it all up. Special shoutout also to Noor Friedrich Zac Patat who created the album art, defining a percentage of what this letter means.Before I write a book about everything else I have to say, happy listening! Happy sharing!

To all who stayed with through this month of release, hope to see you soon. My very first Nepal show was this time last year. Today, I am releasing this, from borders away. 2019 has been a year from heaven, a year from hell. 2019 has been a ride.