After a long hiatus popular alternative rock band- Jindabaad have finally come up with their new single- Hatkela. The underground band had been inactive for 6 long years except for some occasional gigs in the valley from time to time. Alternative rock, as the name suggests, is an alternative music to the mainstream rock music that began to emerge  during the late 80’s. During its inception in Nepal, this genre of music was relatively new and still continues to be foreign to many. But the scenario has changed a lot because of the advancement in internet and mobile technology. Known for hits like: rewind, shades of you, big fuckin mess, spoilin (mostly found on SoundCloud), Jindabaad are arguably the best among the few alternative rock bands we have in Nepal. The groups’ legacy, although small in number, has made a significant impact on the alternative music scene. The band is finally back and determined to thrive as they promise to continue to crank out more hits.

“The band spent the last year accumulating experiences that they have individually gathered over the hiatus years, exploring new ideas and seeking new sounds. Hatkela is an acknowledgement to the time we needed to search for new chemistry between us and a way of giving back to our fans that have been unconditionally supporting us over the years, been with us through the highs and lows and eagerly waiting for new music.” quotes the band regarding their return.

Have a look at their new single here: