Channel Arbitrary is back with the second season of Tuborg Open Session to make it even bigger and better!

This year’s session kicked off two weeks ago with the very talented Kali Prasad Baskota singing his Majhi song. The third episode featured the legendary Sanjay Shrestha along with Binayak Shah on the lead guitars, where he sang Crossroad’s all time favorite Maya Meri Maya. The song is a track from their 1992 album Naya Mode that featured a total of 10 songs. Crossroads, led by legendary Sanjay Shrestha, was one of the first Nepali pop albums to get the mainstream recognition in the market. This iconic masterpiece, which was released in 1992, revolutionized the Nepali music industry like never before and inspired many artists and bands to soon follow the suit. It would be fair to say that Sanjay and his band  were the pioneer of the Nepali pop music and laid the foundation for others to nurture.

Even after two and half decades later, “Maya Meri Maya” can be heard in alleys, streets and regular gigs. Let’s take a moment to honor these legends, and thank them for their priceless contribution to the Nepali music. Have a look at the session here: