One of the most popular and highly acclaimed evergreen folk rock band of Nepal: Nepathya, have come up with a new music video: Sirma Ribbon. The song has been recently uploaded on YouTube through their official YouTube channel: Nepathya. This is their first new release after Sundar Shanta Nepal that was released almost one year ago.

After informing its imminent arrival in Facebook a couple of days earlier, the band finally released the song on Sunday, 3rd of November, 2019. With its musical influence from Kaski and Lamnjung the song came into existence after Amrit Gurung, who is fond of travelling, came across a young girl in Lamjung who sang it infront of him. The lyrics of the song expresses some sort grief and pain that Nepathya have beautifully conveyed through their music.

Have a look at the song here:

शिरमा रिबन सालको पछ्यौरी
हिरा जस्तो झललल सम्झिरहने त्यो मुहार
अब मैले बिर्सूँ कसरी
पानी है पर्‍यो काँ पर्‍यो त्यो बुँद
डाँडाकाँडा सररर रसायो म रुँदा
शिरमा रिबन सालको पछ्यौरी
समीको छेउ-छेउ पीपलु र वर पनि
बालखैमा धररर बिग्रियो घर पनि शिरमा रिबन सालको पछ्यौरी