The recent news of arrest of  VTEN over his offensive song lyrics, that specifically included some explicitly stated vulgar words, has recently erupted  a furor in the social media. While Durgesh Thapa was released after couple of hours of interrogation in the police custody on similar case, VTEN’s arrest, that immediately followed Durgesh’s has created a heated debate with some people expressing their consent on the arrest while many others against it.

Offensive lyrics, as the name implies, are offensive but is it a reasonable candidate for an arrest? You can’t jail a person for just mentioning drugs over their song and some vulgar lyrics because unethical and illegal are two different things. Such songs may be unethical but certainly not illegal because they are not breaking any law. Music is an art just like movies and nobody gets arrested from movies for similar deeds. What musicians like VTEN and Durgesh did are similar like a movie scene because at the end of the day what they aim for is entertainment. Then, why are only musicians made the scapegoats? And this is not the first time. The popular song Simana by The AXE band too faced such issues in the past although it didn’t contain anything vulgar and immoral.

Contents on YouTube are approved by YouTube standards and YouTube decides what stays in and what goes out. What if VTEN was a Nepal based US citizen and the same music video was uploaded on YouTube through his channel? So, instead of responding inconsistently it would be better if the concerned authority developed a proper guidelines and standards for what is acceptable and what is not. Music is an art and in a democratic republic country such as ours, freedom of expression is everyone’s right as long as it is in accordance with the law.