Voice of Nepal Season 2 had its final battle round episode (20th episode) aired on YouTube on 19th of October, 2019, in which various contestants competed with each other.  Among all the battles, one stood out more than others for a wrong reason. The battle between Shrinkhala Joshi and Jhupri Bhandari , didn’t meet the expectation of a quality singing competition but rather sounded like a karaoke gone wrong.

Srinkhala started the song in her usual less than subpar vocal.  However, the battle went from bad to worse when Jhupri, who is visually impaired, mistimed her part and picked it up in a completely different tempo for musicians’ dismay.  While Jhupri is talented in her own rights, genre and within her comfort zone, the lack of coaching and preparation were pretty apparent – indicating her presence in the Voice was just a promotion stunt rather than grooming of her raw talent. What’s even more sad, is Shrinkhala getting into the next round undeservedly. 

So, suspicions of nepotism and sympathy vote have inevitably arisen and questioned the integrity of the show. One thing we can say for sure – there was clearly no winner in this battle round – neither Shrikhala, nor Jhupri or the Voice of Nepal.