The 58 year Aghor Baba is currently an internet sensation known as a viral meme character. But, he has recently come up with his first official song Bam Bam Bhole. Although the music video is more of a promotion stunt for the businessmen, it has finally fulfilled Baba’s young age dream of , which he couldn’t in his early days. 

Aghor Baba first went viral when someone posted a video of him playing a guitar and singing. Aghori, from the Sanskrit word Aghora, refers to a small group of ascetic Shaiva Sadhus. Aghor Baba is currently the go-to meme on social media, including Tik Tok and Facebook. His signature word ‘Life Dyaamage’ is very much popular among the youngsters. 

Now that this bucket list has been checked off, based on his singing skills, we pray that his musical journey comes to an end here for the sake of the music community.