Kutumba is a standout amongst the most mainstream folk instrumental bands in Nepal focused on the exploration, preservation and festivity of the different indigenous Nepali music.

The band unites customary society tunes and instruments with new and unconstrained sounds and thoughts and is self inspired and self-propelled with each part having various roots and foundations in music. Kutumba only uses Nepalese traditional musical instruments such as bamboo flutes, sarangi, madal, tungna, dhol, jhyamta, arbajoo, dhime, dhyangro, damphu, khin, and singing bowl.

Recently ‘Faces of Nepal’ portrait video has been released in Kutumba’s Instrumental music of “Saya Thari Baja”. The video portrays different religious attire of Nepali diverse traditions. Alina Gurung has been featured in the video exhibiting the Nepalese clothing that retains an independent identity with garments specific to the cultures of Nepal.